Do accounting and bookkeeping make your head ache? Are you in doubt whether everything is registered correctly, and have you lost the financial overview? Then check out our different services here, which can help to make your everyday life smoother and with less worries.


AMT revision will match you with a qualified accountant to take care of your accounts. You decide whether you want an accountant fulltime, on an hourly basis to look through your books or hire the accountant on a flexible basis to help you with your needs. Your accounts are under competent control and revision, so that you can make sure that everything is correct and that no unpleasant surprises await you. Speak with an accountant today, and find out what we can do for you


Taxes can be difficult to figure out - even to the smartest Mr. Know It All in the family - so it’s no wonder if you also reach a gridlock. At AMT Revision we have solved the Rubix cubic, and know how it works in terms of taxes, no matter your specific situation. We keep ourselves updated with the newest tax rules, and believe us - nothing runs over our heads. Would you like to escape the trouble of calculating VAT and taxes? Then talk to our qualified team today and get a nonbinding offer.


Are all of your invoices, bills, and receipts balanced correctly in your books? Or does the bookkeeping get neglected once in a while? When you hire a bookkeeper from AMT Revision, you will have all your invoices and appendixes stored right where you need them, and are sure that everything is registered correctly in your accounts. This way, you always have a solid overview of your business and will find it easier to make financially crucial decisions, which potentially can create significant growth in the company. At the same time, you avoid running around looking for receipts at the office at the last minute, when it’s time to do the annual accounting. Now you can throw away the confusion of uncertain numbers, and confidently focus on your core expertise, while we take care of your bookkeeping.


In need of a solution to solid payroll administration without mistakes and delays? Let AMT Revision help you make sure that all your employees get the correct payment on time. We also give you an overview of how many employees you can afford, and to which budget. This way, you don’t risk spending money you don’t have on the workforce. We advise you on the best financial solutions to create a solid balance in your business. Have a casual talk about your payroll administration today


Are you a small business, who have been taking care of accounting and bookkeeping yourself so far, and find it okay to handle, but only have a bit doubt and difficulties here and there? Then AMT Revision as your sparring opponent might be the best solution for you. Especially for self-employed with fairly simply accounts, it can seem a bit exaggerated to hire an accountant or bookkeeper full time, to balance your books. Instead, you can hire our accounting assistance, which hands you qualified counseling to your accounts and create an overview of your company’s financial situation. Let professionals have a look at your books today and get a free nonbinding offer